A2_Week 4_Task 4B: Image Selection

Nature Deficit Disorder, Gary Varvel. Cartoon. 2008

I chose this image because the dialogue of the two characters shows how technology, specifically video games has an effect on ourselves. The cartoon illustrates the issue that children are spending more time playing video games than being outside, known as Nature Deficit Disorder.  These devices attract our constant attention and having control over us as discussed by Mirzoeff (156,157).

Big Brother. Surveilance Art. dailyalternative.co.uk

The image above is related to what Mirzoeff talked about the technology having control over us and the idea of data surveillance through our devices (160). As mentioned in an article on dailyalternative.co.uk, the concept of ‘Big Brother’ watching what we do via our laptops and cell phones the government could easily listen to our conversation and read our personal information.

Embed from Getty Images

The image above is relevant to my topic of how the world on screen has shaped the world around us. Thomas Edison was the inventor of the Kinetograph as shown in the image and mentioned by Mirzoeff which was a device displayed moving pictures at 48 frames per second (131). As discussed in the chapter, the Lumiere Brothers were the most successful at achieving a faster frame speed but Edison was still notably among the first to create moving pictures. His films were also shown to the public at the same time and were said to have profound effect on public and contributed towards future visual technologies.

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