A2_Week 4_Task 4C: Visual Analysis of selected image


Nature Deficit Disorder, Gary Varvel, Cartoon. Indianapolis Star 2008

The image above is a cartoon created for the Indianapolis Star newspaper for the public displaying the problems with society. The Artist, Gary Varvel of this works that was created in 2008 often involves themes of politics or social issues of that time. This work appears to not be part of a series. The image consists of two characters, a mother and child in the middle of the work walking outside of their house. We are first drawn to the figures and then view what they are saying. Their speech bubbles above their heads display their conversation about the mother making a comment about the son being outside. The son replies with the comment relating to the social problem that are current in society. This is that children are spending more time with their electronic devices than experiencing the outdoors. The conversation has a sense of humor included with it even though displaying a the harshness of problems in society. The colour and medium is similar to most cartoon that appear in newspapers. These are particularly those that have a moral relating to society.

The original audience is similar to those who may view it today. This would be towards almost everyone who may read the paper or has an interest in social issues today. The people who would view this would only need to see the image to understand the meaning behind it, due to the image already including text within it. However, this may attract parents more than young people as they may relate more to its intention. Whilst a young person might relate to the the image differently as they might not believe the accusations being made are true.


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