A2_ Week 7 Blog Task

  1. A main key point from the Week 7 lecture is the contact New Zealand had with the Pacific Islands after colonization. European religion, Christianity was brought to these Islands which had both positive and negative implications on the people. These populations where individuals became missionaries themselves preached to others in these places. It is discussed in the lecture that this contributed to a change in material culture. As stated in the official Cook Island website displaying carefully researched facts on the islands, Tivaevae was introduced by European missionaries that has been an important part of their culture. The tapa cloth is often used in traditional ceremonies (Cook Islands).

2. A art response to the socio-political situation that occurred during the late 20th Century for Pacific Islanders in New Zealand are the t-shirt designs of artist Siliga David Setoga. The products are part of the company POPHARDWEAR designed in 2004. The use of words relates to the both diminishing or common colloquial language of the time. The re-wording of these phrases however have an addition of humour to them (Anae,237). By doing so the often wearers of these garments, Pacific Islanders rather pride themselves by representing them as more an identity.


3. The Documentary “Dawn Raids” Directed by Damon Fepulea in 2005 is about the mid-70s socio-political issue of the removing of Polynesian from New Zealand. People share their personal stories of this controversial time where the police raided their homes, often at 3am. At the beginning of the short 45 minute film, the director shows the origins of this issue. This was that Pacific Islanders were offered unskilled labour in this after the countries economic downfall after the world wars, this being done on a three month work visas. The film also discusses the activist group The Polynesian Panthers that contributed an end to the dawn raids policy.

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