A2_ Week 8 Blog Task_Part 1

Washday at the Pa series. Ans Westra. Photograph. Ruatoria, New Zealand. 1964.

This photograph is part of a 1968 series called Washday at the Pä, depicting a rural Maori family living in the countryside. The family is comprised of a mother and nine children. Westra, the photographer intended to show a happy family in the country (The Dominion). However, as this work was published by government cooperation in a public bulletin it raised a fair amount of controversy (Te Papa). One of the key points discussed in Greg’s lectures is that poverty was seen both among rural Maori families and those living in the country around this time. Welfare groups criticized the poor standard living ahown in this photograph contributed to a stereotype for all Maori families to be put under. It is stated  in Washday at the Pä Controversy Te Papa article, that at this time the standard of living was improving that included these families moving towards cities into state housing.

Work Cited:

Te Papa: Museum of New Zealand, Parade (Te Papa exhibition-14 February 1998 to May 2001): Washday at the Pa Controversy, Te Papa: Museum of New Zealand. Web. Date Accessed: 29 September 2016.

The Dominion, Booklet Decision Angers Author. (1964). 4 August.



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