A2_ Week 9 Task

A) wk-9-powhiri-photo

B) One of the Maori stereotypes discussed in Dick’s lecture and by Wall is the quintessential Maori. This is one that was brought upon by themselves that went against the colonist history of Maori. This was a re-establishment of their identity to see them as they were before the country was colonized by Europeans (Wall, 43). There is a relation to the known stereotype of appearing primitive or typically traditional. However, the true representation of what they were in the past has been made unrealistic. In the well known film Once Were Warriors as discussed by Wall, in a contemporary setting Maori were perceived as being all masculine, covered in tattoos and only somewhat clothed (44).

Work Cited:
Wall, Melanie. “Research” Stereotypical Constructions of the Māori Race in the Media. New Zealand Geography. 1997. pdf

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