A2_Week 10 Task

I remember those young children on the backs of their mothers walking down a highway. I remember the boys with the worn out shoes begging outside the supermarket. The blind elderly clutching onto their older grand children. Growing up in a poverty stricken country like South Africa I am accustomed to the sight of those unfortunate. Even though living in an area not the worst of the lot, the sightings of this problem day to day did not become unnoticeable. This was especially due to the top three most undeveloped places in the country being about a 30-minute car ride away. Since moving to Wellington at the beginning of this year seeing the significant amount of homeless people where I walk once again day to day has led me to become disheartened. In a country that prides themselves as a people nation, that gives benefits to those in need and who thoroughly supports their elderly. A country that is among st the first world, I hoped I would re-live less days to see those with worn out shoes on a child’s feet.

Plan B. Nathan Pohio. Impromptu based urban documentary, Cathedral Square, Christchurch. 1995.  


Work Cited:

Smith, H., Solomon, O., Tamarapa, A., Tamati-Quennell, M., & Heke, N. (Eds.). (2007).Taiāwhio II. Contemporary Mäori artists. 18 new conversations. Wellington, New Zealand.




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