A2_Week 11 Task

Tūrangawaewae that is a fundamental part within the pōwhiri process describes the place that one is from. The integral part of this concept is having an understanding of that place with awareness of it historcal and cultural attributes. The concept offers you to think about how its importance relates to you.

The work that I made in response to this concept was a three dimensional cube that was covered with a short text explaining our birth place. Our narrative was illustrated with a variety of different design layouts. The text was wrapped around the box through careful consideration on it would be read by the viewer. The audience is guided around this three dimensional narrative. This is our own Tūrangawaewae. My text explains my birth place being South Africa and how its deep indigenous land and culture has utter importance to who I am today.

The concept of Tūrangawaewae dwells into the significance of the country we were born in to us though of me being of European decent, the idea of indigeneity is conflicted. My work talks about how I am more connected to the indigenous culture of my birth place, rather than my Western ancestry.  This can make reference to the discussion by Tuhiwai Smith on loss of indigeneity in a country through western accounts (5).

Work Cited:

Tuhiwai Smith, Linda. “Introduction”. Decolonising methodologies – Research and indigenous peoples. London and New York – Zed Books, 2012, 1-18..pdf



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