Hello, my name is Gen Porter and I am studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication Design at Massey University. I was born in South Africa and lived there for the majority of my childhood life. My youth consisted of going to game reserves during my holidays where my family and I got used to the sight of seeing animals in the wild. Many in this country and around the world could only say they have seen animals in zoos. I moved to Christchurch five years ago where I began high school. I am now living in Wellington in a student residence along with another approximately three hundred other hopeful students wanting to pursue their chosen areas of study.

I consider myself an all-round creative person who enjoys drawing, painting, designing, photographing etc. I still remember at around the age of five years old I won the colouring in prize in my kindergarten class. Being a creative person has the addition of having a passion for art history. I find that I immensely enjoying going to art galleries around the country and marveling at the local talent of each region. My interests also include having music pumping in the background whilst on the go or in my room. This may include many different types of music, ranging from a sassy collection of Beyoncé to the famous halls of rock with Lincoln Park and Green Day. I enjoy watching a variety of TV shows and may admit to being an addict of Romance movies like the Notebook. My curiosities lie with experiencing more of the world. I would like to see more art and different cultures in other countries as well as continuing to learn more about myself along the way.


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