A2_Week 8_Task 1: Critical and Contextual Studies Toolkit

Planning and Preparation:

Certain independent study tasks have lead me to improve my process of planning for this assignment. I have found that creating in-depth brainstorms of my initial and current ideas has been a step towards a better preparation.

Going through other ways of preparation such as writing summaries of chapters, working through each idea and paragraph separately and the introductory exercises that we were given helped me better understand the ideas that I was going to write about.

Making Word Clouds

Writing skills:

I feel that this has increased my level of writing learnt to write more in depth about a particular subject. I have learnt more about how to structure essays, paragraphs and reference sources thus leading me to write better work.

Writing better Introductions

Ensuring that I read over my work

Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools:

Better skills with describing and analyzing

Looking critically when viewing a visual text

Understanding the context behind the visual text

Research and Information Gathering Tools and Protocols:

These teachings have given to us has helped source information through more credible webpages instead of the generic-non educational cities.

The reading provided to us about sourcing information from the internet has deepened my understanding of how to research.

Using the library database for finding visual texts.


A2_Week 7_Task 2: Seeing the World, World View

A person’s world view is comprised of the individuals beliefs, personal perspectives, thoughts on themselves and others. This can also include their goals and thoughts on their purpose of life (asa3.org). Compared to Ideology, their worldview usually overrides this. Ideology is more related to views set upon from society including political, social and economic factors. A person’s world view usually determines what ideologies they set to be natural (enlightenedworldview.com).

When critically viewing a visual text, an understanding of an individuals world view and ideologies that are present in society enables the viewer to better acknowledge the meanings behind the text. The individual, that may be the artist or designer has their own world view much like the viewer having a different view. When creating a visual text it is useful to know the type of audience that would be view it and to know their particular parts of their world views. Understanding this can ensure a deeper emotional connection is made when they view that artwork. Many visual texts normally do contain a certain ideology or worldview and in many ways normalizes these ideas. For example, women magazines affirm that it may be normal to look like the models on the front cover.


Work cited: 





A2_Week 6: Reflection on Learning

From a personal perspective, the tasks from the past six weeks has been interesting in terms of deepening my understanding on my chosen essay topic. This has been through the resources provided such as the readings and videos to gain knowledge towards an understanding of critical thinking. The variety of sources gave vast knowledge into my topic and provided different view points. However, I found it difficult to find credible sources when looking for images relating to my topic. The topic that I am researching is quite broad and I did not find it easy to find works from artists or designers that directly related to this.

From the readings throughout this time, the new ways of researching topics and writing will further help me in this paper as well as other my other Design papers this year. The ways of critical thinking can assist any design or art practices by allowing us to understand other artist works and develop our own work.


A2_Week 5_Task 4: Visual analysis and contextual knowledge paragraph

The City Rises, Umberto Boccioni, 1910, Oil on Canvas. Europe.

The painting above done by the artist Umberto Boccioni that was part of the futurist movement during the 20th Century Early Modernism era. The work is comprised of the fundamentals of both the Modernist era and its movement. The title explains a component present, that the setting is within a modern city in Italy being constructed. This is seen with the vertical lines and buildings in the background. During this time many large cities were being modernized and new machines were being invented. The background shows the literal representation of the its time whilst the foreground illustrates a different approach. The focal point of the painting, through the use light and different brushstrokes makes the viewer look at the red horse in the center.(Ruszkiewicz, 11) The horse and elements around it is captured in a moment of movement,speed and chaos. Understanding the context of the modernist era will allow the viewer to understand  the reason behind the technique of the vivid brushstrokes. The modern age brought vast change to society, as mentioned by Mirzoeff it altered many people’s lives as a result.

In relation to my chosen question, during this time technology shaped our lives (Mirzoeff 131). The futurists works were largely inspired by these vast affects of technology. This is one of many works within this movement that illustrates this point. In reference to the idea of a filter, in this work the city is captured in bright colours and excitement of the everyday class whilst in reality this is not the case. The working class suffered hours of strenuous labour and hardship. On the other hand this work acts as a de-filter, as the working class were not normally portrayed in paintings before this time. As a different type of technique of painting is used the artist strays away from the traditional methods, thus display a more authentic feel of the world.

Works cited:


Ruszkiewicz, John J., Daniel Anderson, and Christy Friend. “Reading Texts.” Beyond Words: Cultural Texts for Reading and Writing. 3rd ed. Boston: Pearson, c2012. 9-39. Print.

Mirzoeff, Nicholas “The World on Screen” How to see the World. Chapter 4. 129-161. Print.



A2_Week 4_Task 4C: Visual Analysis of selected image


Nature Deficit Disorder, Gary Varvel, Cartoon. Indianapolis Star 2008

The image above is a cartoon created for the Indianapolis Star newspaper for the public displaying the problems with society. The Artist, Gary Varvel of this works that was created in 2008 often involves themes of politics or social issues of that time. This work appears to not be part of a series. The image consists of two characters, a mother and child in the middle of the work walking outside of their house. We are first drawn to the figures and then view what they are saying. Their speech bubbles above their heads display their conversation about the mother making a comment about the son being outside. The son replies with the comment relating to the social problem that are current in society. This is that children are spending more time with their electronic devices than experiencing the outdoors. The conversation has a sense of humor included with it even though displaying a the harshness of problems in society. The colour and medium is similar to most cartoon that appear in newspapers. These are particularly those that have a moral relating to society.

The original audience is similar to those who may view it today. This would be towards almost everyone who may read the paper or has an interest in social issues today. The people who would view this would only need to see the image to understand the meaning behind it, due to the image already including text within it. However, this may attract parents more than young people as they may relate more to its intention. Whilst a young person might relate to the the image differently as they might not believe the accusations being made are true.