Conversations in Creative Cultures Glossary


Pono- whether a concept or aspect of something correctly adheres to the principles within Maori culture. This is more important today as many ideas and perspectives have been included over time. During an event or ceremony, the true essence of tikanga has become harder to validate (Mead,26).

Whanaungatanga- embracing your whakapapa, the individual is supported by the relatives within a family or lineage. It is also a requirement that the individuals are involved and help the group as a whole (Mead, 28).

Manaakitanga- the act of looking after people no matter he circumstance that that are in (Mead, 29).

Mana- amount of authority or power that an individual has within a social situation. Many have varying levels but the higher numbers are resorted to chief lineages or significant families.

Tapu- the beliefs and values of a person, place or building. It is an essential part of tikanga as it an indivduals identity and everything that believe in. Wit any tapu present it is important to respect that person or places beliefs (Mead, 30).

Utu- the notion of giving back after taking, can be seen as compensation or even revenge during war time. This may be done until a place balance is reached, an ea (Mead, 31).