My topic being about how the world is shaped by technology and screens, the site listed above is relevant because the author briefly discusses the historical changes from machines that was the drive of the Industrial Revolution. Throughout his essay, he dwells into how our devices that may be invented in the future with shape our lives, similar to what our current technology has done. It is a credible source because the author has correctly identified himself as being part of a educational institution thus using a domain of edu. There is a use of clear and academic language that would also allow the reader to better trust this content.

The video is relevant to my topic of technology shaping our lives as dicussed by Nicholas Mizoeff in How to See the World. This is because Sherry Turkle, a Cultural Analyst and Professor at MIT University in the United States talks about how our cell phones in our everyday lives alters our connection with the world and with others. This source is reliable because it is from the certified and well known website, TED Talk as well as being well qualified to the topic speaker.

The source above is for the a novel written by Paul N. Edwards, a Professor at the School of Information and the Department of History at the University of Michigan. This related and furthers the topic of the World on Screens and how they provide a the idea of a ‘closed world’. This novel does this through talking in depth about moments in American history where technology had a noticeable effect on our world. This is another source that in creditable because of it coming from an tertiary education.